Holds and connects a NeuroNexus 64 channel probe (A/D/OA series) to two 36 channel headstages.

Note: Neuralynx does NOT sell NeuroNexus probes – only compatible adapters and holders.

Sold Separately:
  • STX-Nexus64 Inline
    Delrin® stereotaxic adapter – a rigid mounting rig for adapter and compatible headstage with an end piece to secure tether placement.
Channels   64
References   1
Differential Stim Lines   2
Grounds   1
Probe Connector  SamTec 4×10 X 2
Headstage Connector  Omnetics 44 X 2
Mass   6.0 grams
Length   49.8 mm
Width   47.5 mm
Height   6.5 mm


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Buffered 36 channel headstage with Omnetics 44 connector.

HS-36 Page

Provides a rigid mounting rig for one ADPT-HS36-N2T-32A and one HS-36 OR one ADPT-HS36-N2T-64 and two HS-36.

STX-Nexus32/64 Page