Camera Kit

GigE Camera for use with Cheetah Video Tracking software (VTS). GigE cameras are available in either Color or Monochrome, with either 4mm or 6mm lenses.

To precisely synchronize video with neural and other recorded data, Neuralynx recommends an Integrated GNSS Grandmaster (IGM), time software (Domain Time II), and sufficiently capable network devices. See our TechTip: Basics of Time Synchronization for Neuralynx Acquisition Systems.

  • Camera (Color or Monochrome)
  • Lens (4mm or 6mm)
  • Universal camera mounting bracket
  • 50′ Ethernet Cable
  • Desktop PoE Injector

Resolution: 1.3 MP

Frame Rate: 88 fps

Product Options


Configuration Color
Color Camera Kit
Color / optional color LED
Infrared Monochrome Camera Kit
Black & white for infrared
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