Clinical Overview: Clinical Products

Clinical products for human single unit recording with one integrated high performance data acquisition system

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ATLAS Neurophysiology System

The complete solution for human single unit recording with one integrated high performance data acquisition system

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ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

Full Bandwidth, High Definition Signals from 512 Macro and Microelectrodes

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ATLAS Combo Board

Provides 32 Channels of Acquisition with a Sampling Rate up to 40 kHz Independently Per Channel and from DC to 8kHz at 24 bit Resolution

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ATLAS Workstation

An Integrated Solution for Mobile EMU Monitoring

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Pegasus Software

Stable and Long-term Recording of All Signals in a ATLAS Neurophysiology System

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API for Online Data Analysis and Experiment Control

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ATLAS Headboxes

Allows Buffered Recording and External Stimulus Delivery Simultaneously through All Electrodes with Touch Proof Connections

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ATLAS Headstages

Clinical Headstage for Electrode Tails (CHETs)

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ATLAS Modular Headstages

A 36 channel buffered headstage with interchangeable probe-specific electrode interfaces

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Additional accessories available to meet your experimental needs


"Universal" Touch Proof Signal Splitter

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ATLAS Nihon Kohden Signal Splitter Cables

Seamless Integration of Clinical and Research Systems

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Analog & Digital Signal Isolators

Record non-isolated analog or digital signals into ATLAS Neurophysiology System

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MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cables

Designed for use with: • ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier • ATLAS Headboxes • ATLAS Headstages • ATLAS NKSS Cables • ATLAS TPSS Cables • ATLAS Analog Isolator Each connector is […]

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Tether Interconnect

Connects two MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Cables if longer cable length is needed.

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The ATLAS Cart Houses the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier, the HP® Computer and 30" HP monitor. The ATLAS Cart Accommodates up to 8 NKSS/TPSS Signal Splitter Cables and up to 8 Headboxes

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ATLAS Patient Event Marker

Push Button Used in Conjunction with the Research System

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ATLAS TTL Isolator

Designed for use with the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

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