Research Hardware

Neuralynx offers a wide range of high end acquisition equipment to meet your electrophysiology experiment needs.

Data Acquisition

We offer three main systems that are customizable to meet your electrophysiology experiment needs

Digital Lynx SX

High Performance, Expandable Recording System with Closed Loop Processing

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Reliable, High-Density, Wide Bandwidth Telemetry

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LabLynx Portable System

A low-cost, wide bandwidth, portable acquisition system.

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All Neuralynx’ basic research data acquisition systems integrate with our extremely stable, user-friendly, high-performance software package. Backed by two decades of continuous development, Cheetah Software is the ultimate solution for neural signal processing, display, recording, and network data distribution.

Cheetah Software

Hardware Processing Platform

(HPP v1.0.0). A closed loop signal processing platform that connects directly to the Digital Lynx SX motherboard, providing real-time data analysis and response for low-latency feedback stimulation experiments.

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Equipment to deliver optogenetic stimulation from inside a Halo microdrive

15mm or 33mm Fiber Mounted LEDs

Deliver optogenetic stimulation from directly inside a Halo microdrive.

FLED Driver

Stand-alone current source driver with 3 output channels for precision real-time stimulus sequencing and delivery


Saturn Commutator

Low profile powered commutator for twist-free tethers, allowing subjects to exhibit more natural behavior and unencumbered movement


16 to 160 channels (1 to 5 headstages)


Motorized with micro-torque tether rotation sensor


Low profile ceiling mount


Through-bore cannula for optical fiber or fluid delivery


Easier to install


Sealed against dirt and dust

Animal Interfaces

Our animal interface devices provide the advanced connection between data recording and analysis systems and the organic electrical activity happening inside your test subjects.


Permanently attached Electrode Interface Boards to animal or microdrive. Connects electrode wires and headstages.

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Headstage Pre-amplifiers

Small, low weight pre-amplifiers with high resolution. Low noise, low power and low input bias from 8 to 72 channels

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Microdrives Page
Microdrive Preparation

Tools to help you prepare your microdrives including tetrode assembly

Microdrive Preparation Page

We offer a range of adaptors so that your hardware meets your experimental needs and preferences

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Tether Cables

We offer a range of cables to connect your headstages to the DAS based on your experimental needs and preferences

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All Animal Interfaces

View all our Research Animal Interfaces on one page


Test Equipment

Additional equipment to help test your Data Acquisition System which is especially helpful in troubleshooting if any problems arise

Universal Signal Mouse

For use with HS-8/16/18/27/36 headstages.

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QuickClip 72 Signal Mouse

For use with QuickClip 72 and QuickClip 36 headstages.

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QuickClip 36 Signal Mouse

For use with QuickClip 36 headstages.

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QuickClip 16 Signal Mouse

For use with QuickClip 16 headstages.

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HS-64-mux Signal Mouse

For use with HS-64-mux headstages.

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Minirator Kit

A convenient, battery powered, handheld signal generator that outputs Sine/Ramp/Noise waves to simulate spikes.

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HS-36-mux Impedance Plug

Provides different resistance values in banks of 8 for multiple testing applications on 32/64 channel multiplexing (MUX) headstages.

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HS-36-Stim Test Board

Test Board for use with 36 channel stimulation headstages with Omnetics connectors.

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HS-18-MM-Stim Test Board

Test Board for use with 18 channel stimulation headstages with Mill-Max connectors.

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HS-18-Stim Test Board

Test Board for use with 18 channel stimulation headstages.

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Additional accessories available to meet your experimental needs

10V Video Tracking LEDs

10V video tracking LEDs for 16/18/27/36 channel and 16 channel QuickClip headstages with LED sockets.

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3.3V Video Tracking LEDs

3.3V video tracking LEDs for FreeLynx telemetry system and digital multiplexing headstages.

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Connects a computer’s parallel port to the TTL I/O Ports on Digital Lynx systems.

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10-Pin Stimulus Cable

Provides banana plug terminations to connect external electrical stimulus sources to the dual differential pair stimulus connections on the front panel of Digital Lynx SX and ERP-27.

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2Pin to BNC Cable

Provides a signal and ground BNC connection for signals from 2 pins of a male IDC-panel-mount ribbon-cable style connector.

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Fiber Optic Cables

Replacement fiber optic cable to connect Digital Lynx to the Cheetah workstation.

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Ribbon Cables

Female-to-female ribbon cables

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HS-XX-Stim Interface

For use with stimulation headstages.

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Provides BNC connections to the Digital Lynx DIO Port(s).

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Provides BNC input connections to Digital Lynx input boards.

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MDR50 Breakout Board

Used to make custom (non-standard) signal connections between a headstage tether and the input channel of a Digital Lynx SX.

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Noise Clipper

Eliminates background noise from single unit (spike) channels, allowing the user to hear only the “pop” of the spikes.

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TTL Isolator

Electrically isolates the Digital Lynx SX from external devices up to 5000VRMS.

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FreeLynx Remote Power Control Set

Infrared (IR) receiver and transmitter pair for remote power control to turn FreeLynx on/off - ideal for sleep studies.

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FreeLynx Power Tether

Allows continued use of FreeLynx for recording setup without use of battery.

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FreeLynx Power Stick

Turns FreeLynx On/Off via magnetic control switch.

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FreeLynx USB Charging Hub

40W/8A 5-Port USB charger.

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FreeLynx Battery

FreeLynx batteries are rechargeable and may be quickly swapped.

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FreeLynx Charger

Conveniently charges FreeLynx batteries, indicating charging status via colored LED’s.

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FreeLynx Shield

~ 3 grams. Optional, but highly recommended for protection and optimal battery life.

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FreeLynx Mounting Bracket

Optional 90-degree mounting bracket, replaces shield.

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FreeLynx EIB-72-QC Large

Provides microwire connections to FreeLynx with QuickClip® connectors.

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FreeLynx EIB-72-QC Small

Provides microwire connections to FreeLynx with QuickClip® connectors.

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FreeLynx LEDs

Omni-directional LEDs for tracking subject’s head location and direction.

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FreeLynx Training Weight

Used to train subjects prior to running experiments with FreeLynx system. This is a FreeLynx mass model, representing approximate size, weight and balance of FreeLynx.

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FreeLynx Signal Mouse

Simulates a live subject by sending an individual signal to all headstage channels for testing purposes.

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FreeLynx Protective Cover

Prevents NHP subjects from accessing or damaging FreeLynx. On/Off switch may be toggled using FreeLynx Power Stick while FreeLynx Protective Cover is in place. Customized for specific application.

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FreeLynx 256 Channel 4 Port LVDS Bridge Board

Adapts FreeLynx to most major neural probes. Connects up to four LVDS tethers with four 30-position Molex input connectors.

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FreeLynx PZN-12 LVDS Tether

Connects FreeLynx wireless acquisition system to animal interfaces using Polarized Nano (PZN-12) connection such as Cambridge NeuroTech Mini-Amp-64. Custom lengths available for your application.

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FreeLynx LVDS tether

Connects Freelynx wireless acquisition system to 32 or 64 channel silicon probes: Cambridge NeuroTech® (ASSY-116, ASSY-156, ASSY-158), NeuroNexus® (CM/OCM/H/HC/P series), ATLAS Neuro® (Omnetics 32-Chronic).

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QuickClip 72 to Dual Omnetics Adapter

Connects a HS-72-QC headstage or 64-channel FreeLynx to compatible 3rd party animal interfaces (Omnetics 36).

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