ATLAS TTL Isolator

Designed for use with the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier

Isolates two 8 bit TTL digital ports in the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier – allowing users to connect digital experiment signals to the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier without circumventing the safety mechanisms in the ATLAS Neurophysiology System.
  • Isolate all 4 TTL Ports with two ATLAS TTL Isolators
  • TTL events are synced with the analog data recorded by the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier
  • Isolator also prevents “ground loop” noise

ATLAS TTL Isolator’s direct connection to the ATLAS Digital I/O Ports provides the isolation barrier, allowing the user to connect external electronic devices with digital I/O signals to the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier.

Provides an optional configuration of ATLAS Neurophysiology System by isolating two of the four 8 bit TTL Ports on the front of the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier.

Two ATLAS TTL Isolators provide isolation on ALL four 8 bit TTL Ports when needed.

Catalog Number


Signals  Isolated 16 bit TTL
Power through isolator board to external devices   5 V
Input Port  both 8 bit ports on ATLAS TTL Isolator