64 channel multiplexing (MUX) headstage for digitizing analog neural signals on the headstage.

Headstage includes an attached twisted pair digital tether and µDB25 connector. Compatible with 36 pin Omnetics devices. The HS-64-mux-PTB-LED headstage consists of two 32 channel mux headstages connected to a single tether at the “Y” junction close to the headstages. Combine analog and digital (MUX) headstages on Digital Lynx SX-M systems.

  • 30 kHz sampling rate
  • 16 bit resolution
  • +/- 5 mV input range
  • dual fixed reference
  • 2 sockets for 3.3V video tracking LEDs
  • Note: Blue, Red, Green or Infrared 3.3V Video Tracking LEDs sold separately.
Sold Separately:
  • Digital Lynx SX-M
    Purchase new Digital Lynx SX-M or…
  • Digital Lynx SX-M Upgrade
    Upgrade existing Digital Lynx 4/16 SX with the Digital Lynx SX-M Upgrade for a direct connection from MUX headstages to Digital Lynx SX for 16 to 128 channel configurations. Contact sales@neuralynx.com for upgrade details.
  • MDR50 to uDB25 Tether Extension
    Required to connect a Saturn Commutator to a Digital Lynx SX-M. 1 Tether Extension cable per 64 channel MUX headstage.
Catalog Number

HS-64-mux-PTB-LED-1M 31-0601-0044 HS-64-mux-PTB-LED-2M 31-0601-0046 HS-64-mux-PTB-LED-3M 31-0601-0048

Configuration Tether Length
FLED HS-64-mux-PTB-LED-1M 1 meter
FLED HS-64-mux-PTB-LED-2M 2 meters
FLED HS-64-mux-PTB-LED-3M 3 meters
Channels   64
References   2
Differential Stim Lines   0
Grounds   2
Mass   4.5 grams
Length   26.7 mm
Width   19.3 mm
Height   1.9 mm
Video Tracking LEDs   none
Optogenetic LEDs   2 sockets
Input Connector   Omnetics 36 socket X 2
Output Connector   µDB25
Tether   twisted pair digital

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts.

MUX Tether Extension for Saturn Commutator

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3.3V Video Tracking LEDs

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