Buffered 72 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors and attached video tracking LEDs.

For use with Halo-18 and Harlan 12 microdrives.

HS-72-QC-LED features Neuralynx’s patented QuickClip® connection method, allowing the headstage to magnetically self-align and then initiate the connection to the electrode interface board with minimal insertion force. Connection is completed with a simple “snap.”

  • near zero insertion force
  • no exposed pins to bend or break
  • high number of connect/disconnect cycles without loss of signal
  • advanced video tracking LED system
  • 8 blue/green LEDs attached to the headstage.
Catalog Number

31-0601-0002-B (BLUE/RED LEDS) 31-0601-0002-C (GREEN/RED LEDS) 31-0601-0002-D (INFRARED LEDS)

Channels   64
References   8
Differential Stim Lines   4 pair
Grounds   1
Mass   4.7 grams
Diameter   38.1 mm
Video Tracking LEDs   8 attached
Input Connector   QuickClip 72
Output Connector   Omnetics 44 pin X 2
Tether   sold separately

Provides microwire connections to a 72 channel QuickClip® headstage.

EIB-72-QC-Large Page

Provides microwire connections to a 72 channel QuickClip® headstage.

EIB-72-QC-Small Page
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