Halo-18 Exit Tip

Interfaces the craniotomy and dictates insertion pattern for Halo-18 Microdrive.

Halo-18 Exit Tips feature customizable exit patterns and chimneys for:

  • Smaller craniotomies
  • Groups of closely-spaced tetrodes
  • 4.5mm hole depth to aid vertical electrode travel and tetrode wire protection, allowing tetrode wires to protrude 3mm out of the polymicro tubing and reducing tissue damage near targeted recording sites.

To determine which Exit Tip pattern best meets your needs, contact Sales@neuralynx.com for Exit Tip guides and details.

  • Standard Exit Tip patterns
  • Customizable Exit Tip patterns available per customer design
  • Precision-machined Ultem
Catalog Number

Configuration A (29-0206-0003-A),Configuration B (29-0206-0003-B), Configuration C (29-0206-0008-C), Configuration D (29-0206-0003-D), Configuration Custom A (29-0206-0008-A)

Configuration Config.
Halo-18 Exit Tip Std A
See Exit Tip guide for details.
Halo-18 Exit Tip Std B
See Exit Tip guide for details.
Halo-18 Exit Tip Std C
See Exit Tip guide for details.
Halo-18 Exit Tip Std D
See Exit Tip guide for details.
Halo-18 Exit Tip Custom A
Customizable Exit Tip patterns available per customer design…
Halo-18 Assembly Kit

All necessary components and tools to aid in the construction of Halo-18 Microdrives.

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Halo-18 Microdrive

Provides up to 18 independently drivable shuttles to position up to 16 tetrodes with 11mm shuttle travel. Two additional shuttles available for fiber optics or reference electrodes.

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Polymicro Tubing Kit

Polymicro fused silica capillary tubing with standard polyimide coating, and one poly glass cleaving stone.

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Tetrode Assembly Station

Workstation base and all necessary items (except the wire) to create custom tetrodes, as well as twisted wire electrodes of any type.

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