Tetrode Spinner 2.0

Spins custom tetrodes faster with the “Auto Mode” operation and the save-and-load “Custom Spin Configurations” function.

Auto Mode operation allows user to focus on other tasks while the Spinner operates. Custom Spin Configurations function allows user to create more consistent tetrodes faster, while controlling the entire process via a computer and terminal window through a USB connection.

  • Faster digital spin counter
  • 2 modes of operation: auto and manual
  • spins tetrode wire using magnetically attached alligator clip
  • Internal 9V battery
  • External 9V power supply
Sold Separately:
  • Tetrode Wire Clip
Catalog Number


Configuration Heat Gun
Tetrode Assembly Station
For North American or 120V users.
120 V
Tetrode Assembly Station-Euro
For European users.
220 V
Mass   720 grams


Tetrode Assembly Station

Workstation base and all necessary items (except the wire) to create custom tetrodes, as well as twisted wire electrodes of any type.

Tetrode Assembly Station Page
Gold Plating Solution

Gold non-cyanide (NC) solutions for plating tetrodes and other electrophysiology electrodes.

Gold Plating Solution Page
Platinum Black Plating Solution

Platinum Black solutions for plating tetrodes and other electrophysiology electrodes.

Platinum Black Plating Solution Page