Harlan 28 Drive

Reusable 28 tetrode drive with solid tip that allows researchers to drill custom exit pattern. For use with standard EIB-36-24TT.

Harlan Drives require both SD Flat and ND Hex screwdrivers. Includes all necessary components to build 1 Harlan 28 Drive. For optional products (below) or replacement parts, contact sales@neuralynx.com.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • 28 independently drivable tetrodes
  • Easy loading
  • Custom pre-drilled tips available
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  • Body, Cone with Tips, Drive & Cover
  • Drive Plate, Drive Screw and Nut
  • SFLAT flat head screws
  • SHEX hex head screws
  • Fillister screws
Sold Separately:
  • Tube Assembly Fixture
  • Assembly Fixture
  • Stereotax Adapter
Tetrode Drives   24
Reference Drives   4
Grounds   1
Travel   10.0 mm
Pitch   0.16 mm
Mass   14.4 grams
Length   36.8 mm
Width   36.8 mm
Height   53.4 mm



Provides microwire connections to three 36 channel headstages with Omnetics 44 pin connectors.

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Tetrode Assembly Station

Workstation base and all necessary items (except the wire) to create custom tetrodes, as well as twisted wire electrodes of any type.

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Polymicro Tubing Kit

Polymicro fused silica capillary tubing with standard polyimide coating, and one poly glass cleaving stone.

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