Flex Tether Extension

0.56 meter flex circuit tether extension for a Saturn Commutator input flex tether.

May be purchased with or without ADPT-HS-36-Flex-Jumper, see options.

Product Options

Item Code Length
0.56 meter HS-36 Flex Tether Extension (with adapter)
1 meter
0.56 meter HS-36 Flex Tether segment (without adapter). For replacement of lost or damaged Neuralynx Flex Tether segments. Not a standard tether, only used with Saturn Commutator in unique set-up situations.
2 meters
Connector 1   Hirose
Connector 2   Hirose
Diameter   N/A
Lengths   0.56 m
Shielded   No


Saturn Commutator

Low profile powered commutator for twist-free tethers, allowing subjects to exhibit more natural behavior and unencumbered movement

Saturn Commutator Page

Connects a 32 or 64 channel multiplexing (MUX) headstage to the flex circuit cable of Saturn Commutator or Slip Ring (PSR) Commutator.