TTL Isolator

Electrically isolates the Digital Lynx SX from external devices up to 5000VRMS.

Can only be used for TTL signals. Isolates two 8-bit TTL digital ports in the Digital Lynx Acquisition Amplifier – allowing users to connect digital experiment signals to the Digital Lynx Acquisition Amplifier to prevent conducted ground loops induction of noise into the Digital Lynx.

  • Isolates all 4 TTL Input Ports with 2 TTL Isolators
  • Isolator also prevents “ground loop” noise
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Channels   Isolated 16 bit TTL
Power through board to external devices   5 V
Mass  29.3 grams
Length   65.9 mm
Width   55.6 mm
 Height  14.9 mm
Digital Lynx SX

High Performance, Expandable Recording System with Closed Loop Processing

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