HPP App – Oscillation Detection

This is a closed-loop application that runs on the HPP, detecting oscillation power within the gamma band (30 to 90 Hz), sharp wave ripple (150 to 250 Hz) or Theta band (4 to 12 Hz).

When the oscillation has been confirmed, this application triggers a stimulus via a TTL output pulse. An oscillation is confirmed when the oscillation power is above a user-defined threshold for the amount of time set by the user.

With Oscillation Detection v2.0, you can now run up to 4 simultaneous real-time oscillation detections (out of 512 channels). You can also design your own filters in MATLAB, or use the provided filters/parameters, to detect 1 or more of known oscillations, and customize the low cut and high cut frequencies and number of filter taps for each oscillation detection module.