Analog & Digital Signal Isolators

Record non-isolated analog or digital signals into ATLAS Neurophysiology System

Designed for use with:

• ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier
• ATLAS Cart
• MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cable

Input 16 non-isolated experiment signals and record them in parallel with patient signals into the ATLAS Neurophysiology System.

  • Connect other electronic devices to the ATLAS MDR-50 input connectors for research experiment data collection
  • Isolation also prevents any “ground loop” noise
  • User selectable input range for each channel via externally accessible switches
  • Interfaces to ATLAS Amplifier with standard MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cable – included
  • Mounts to the Signal Splitter Rail on the ATLAS Cart – mount included

ATLAS Analog Isolator adds isolation to the ATLAS Combo Board analog inputs: contains precision, isolated amplifiers with outputs separated from inputs by an isolation barrier – allowing user to connect external signals to the ATLAS Combo Board without circumventing the safety mechanisms in the ATLAS Neurophysiology System.

Included / Required for Use:

  • 1 meter MDR-50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension Cable provides the interface between the ATLAS Analog Isolator and the ATLAS Acquisition Amplifier.
  • Mounting Bracket
Catalog Number


Channels   16 (single ended input)
Input Range   ±1 V or ±10 V (user selectable per channel)
Output Range  ≈ ±131 mV (matches Amplifier input range)
Bandwidth  DC to > 20 kHz
Signal / Noise Ratio  > 80 dB (1.0 Hz to 9000 Hz)
Input Connector   34 pin dual row generic 0.1″ Pitch Shrouded Header Connector
Output Connector  MDR-50
Dimensions  ≈ 140 mm X 135 mm X 25.4 mm