ATLAS Modular Headstage (MH-36)

36 channel buffered headstage with interchangeable probe-specific electrode interfaces

buffers single unit activity sensed by the MEI-X electrodes for
transmission to the ATLAS Neurophysiology System

  • active 32 channel, 4 reference headstage with unity gain buffering
  • small and lightweight for patient’s head wrap
  • ultra-flexible, fully shielded silicon jacketed tether
  • Sure Connect keyed MDR-50 prevents mis-connection

CAUTION: ATLAS Modular Headstage-36 cannot be used for stimulation experiments.

Channels   32
References   0-4
Cable Length   3 Meters
Mass   180 grams
MH-36 to ATLAS Connector Dimensions  50mm x 58.5mm x 20mm
MH-36 to MEI-X Connector Dimensions  71mm x 43.5mm x 7.75mm