Halo-10-Mini Assembly Kit

All necessary components and tools to aid in the construction of Halo-10-Mini Microdrives.

Halo Microdrive Turn Tool features a half moon socket and calibrated indexes for positive, accurate 16 micron depth adjustment. The Stereotaxic Mount holds the microdrive to aid in stereotaxic surgery and is compatible with 7.9mm stereotaxic systems. The Halo-10-Mini Assembly Jig holds microdrive and EIB in alignment during assembly. Suggested sources for recommended adhesives and additional tools are listed in the Halo Microdrive User Manual.

Note: Assembly Kit components also sold separately.

  • Halo-10-Mini Assembly Jig
  • Halo-10-Mini Stereotaxic Mount
  • Halo Microdrive Turn Tool
  • 2.5mm Hex Driver
Halo-10-Mini Microdrive

Provides up to 10 independently drivable shuttles to position up to 8 tetrodes with 6mm shuttle travel. Two additional shuttles available for fiber optics or reference electrodes.

Halo-10-Mini Microdrive Page
Tetrode Assembly Station

Workstation base and all necessary items (except the wire) to create custom tetrodes, as well as twisted wire electrodes of any type.

Tetrode Assembly Station Page
Polymicro Tubing Kit

Polymicro fused silica capillary tubing with standard polyimide coating, and one poly glass cleaving stone.

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