VersaDrive-8 Optical

8 independently drivable tetrode shuttles for recording with two 18 channel headstages with Mill-Max connectors. Includes a central ferrule-based optical fiber drive for optogenetics stimulation.

Note: Ferrule-based fiber implant not included in VersaDrive-8 Optical kit. Available from Doric Lens or Thorlabs, or can be made in lab with special equipment. Minimum length of fiber extending from bottom of ferrule: 15mm

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Disposable
  • Ease of construction – no soldering; one step strip and tetrode wire connection
  • Rigid, protective enclosure
Catalog Number

31-0612-0111, 31-0612-0112, 31-0612-0113, or 31-0612-0120

  • Cap, Base & Enclosure
  • 8 Shuttles
  • 1 Optical shuttle
  • 36 Receptacles
  • 21 Drive Pins – 16 for drives; 4 for structure; 1 for optical drive
  • 9 Drive screws
  • 1 Emery board
Sold Separately:
  • Reusable VersaDrive-8 Assembly Jig
    Highly recommended for loading process, reducing load time by 50% while ensuring quality.
  • Versa Drive Pins (100)
    Replacement black enamel Austerlitz insect pins available / sold separately. Pack of 100.
  • Versa Drive Receptacles (100/gold)
    Replacement receptacles available / sold separately. Pack of 100.
Configuration Contains
VersaDrive-8 Optical
Pack of 5
5 units
VersaDrive-8 Optical
Pack of 24
24 units
Tetrode Drives   8
Optical Shuttles   0
Reference Drives   0
Grounds   4
Travel   4.0 mm
Optical Travel   3.25 mm
Pitch   0.25 mm
Mass   3.2 grams
Length   16.2 mm
Width   12.2 mm
Height   18.3 mm
Connector   Mill-Max 18 socket X 2
Comments   Requires 2 HS-18MM

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Mill-Max parts.


Buffered 18 channel headstage with shielded Litz wire and Mill-Max 18 connector.

HS-18-MM Page

Buffered 18 channel video tracking headstage with shielded Litz wire and Mill-Max 18 connector.

HS-18-MM-LED Page
VersaDrive Jigs

Reusable Assembly Jigs for loading tetrodes, inserting wire into the cap, and inserting receptacles.

VersaDrive Jigs Page

Connects VersaDrives to the nanoZ for electrode plating, impedance measurement and probe reconditioning.

ADPT-NZ-Versa Page
Polymicro Tubing Kit

Polymicro fused silica capillary tubing with standard polyimide coating, and one poly glass cleaving stone.

Polymicro Tubing Kit Page
8 Tetrode Optical VersaDrive Construction Manual