HS-16 QC Litz Tether

Lightweight, durable shielded Litz wire tether that connects a 16 channel QuickClip® headstage to the Digital Lynx SX system.

Connection is made either directly to acquisition system’s MDR50 input via the ADPT-HS-27-ERP-27 adapter OR through a Saturn Commutator.

  • Extremely flexible and lightweight
  • 2.0 mm diameter

Product Options

Item Code Length
TETH-HS-18-uDB37-1M 1 meter
TETH-HS-18-uDB37-2M 2 meters
TETH-HS-18-uDB37-3M 3 meters
Connector 1   Omnetics 26 pin
Connector 2   µDB37
Diameter   2.0 mm
Lengths  1, 2, 3 meters
Shielded   Yes

*Neuralynx is not an Omnetics distributor.

Saturn Commutator

Low profile powered commutator for twist-free tethers, allowing subjects to exhibit more natural behavior and unencumbered movement

Saturn Commutator Page

Connects the µDB37 output connector of a headstage tether to the MDR50 input of an acquisition system.

ADPT-HS-27-ERP-27 Page

Buffered 16 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors.

HS-16-QC Page

Buffered 16 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors and video tracking LED sockets

HS-16-QC-LED Page
Digital Lynx SX

High Performance, Expandable Recording System with Closed Loop Processing

Digital Lynx SX Page