QuickClip 72 to Dual Omnetics Adapter

Connects a HS-72-QC headstage or 64-channel FreeLynx to compatible 3rd party animal interfaces (Omnetics 36).

This adapter features a magnetically-aligned QuickClip® connection to a HS-72-QC headstage or the Analog Front End (AFE) of a FreeLynxTM wireless telemetry device. The reverse side features two Omnetics 36 socket connectors for compatible probes and other animal interfaces.

For use with 32 and 64 channel ATLAS Neuroengineering (Omnetics 32-Chronic), Cambridge NeuroTech (ASSY-116, ASSY-158) and NeuroNexus® (CM/OCM/H/HC/P series) probes. This adapter can also convert Plexon®, Tucker-Davis®, and Blackrock Microsystems® interfaces to be used with the HS-72-QC and Freelynx 64 channel.

Channels   64
References   4
Differential Stim Lines   0
Grounds   4
Input Connector   Omnetics 36 Socket
Headstage Connector   QuickClip 72
Mass   2.6 grams
Length   39 mm
Width   26 mm
Height   8 mm



Buffered 72 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors.

HS-72-QC Page

Buffered 72 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors and attached video tracking LEDs.

HS-72-QC-LED Page

Reliable, High-Density, Wide Bandwidth Telemetry

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