Connects up to four 8 channel headstages with MDR50 output connectors to a single Digital Lynx SX input, allowing a 32 channel DLSX to record from 4 subjects simultaneously.

Required for use: MDR50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension. (Sold separately.)

Refer to Channel Mapping Table in User Manual for Output Connector routing.

  • Maps each headstage ground to a unique reference
  • Ideal for pharmacological studies
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Channels   32
References   4
Differential Stim Lines   0
Grounds   4
Input Connector   MDR50 female
Output Connector   MDR50 female
Mass   480 grams
Length   152.4 mm
Width   82.6 mm
Height   50.8 mm



Buffered 8 channel headstage with Cooner wire tether and MDR50 connector.

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Saturn Commutator

Low profile powered commutator for twist-free tethers, allowing subjects to exhibit more natural behavior and unencumbered movement

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MDR50 Male-to-Male Tether Extension

A shielded, round and highly flexible medical grade tether extension cable.

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10-Pin Stimulus Cable

Provides banana plug terminations to connect external electrical stimulus sources to the dual differential pair stimulus connections on the front panel of Digital Lynx SX and ERP-27.

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Digital Lynx SX

High Performance, Expandable Recording System with Closed Loop Processing

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ADPT-HS-HUB Users Manual