Buffered 8 channel headstage with Cooner wire tether and MDR50 connector.

​Up to four HS-8-CNR-MDR50 headstages can connect to a single Digital Lynx SX input with the ADPT-HS-Hub – allowing a 32 channel LSX to record from 4 subjects simultaneously.

Product Options:
  • Custom tether lengths: 0.5 – 7 meters


Channels   8
References   0
Differential Stim Lines   0
Grounds   1
Mass   0.1 grams
Length   23.3 mm
Width   9.4 mm
Height   4.0 mm
Video Tracking LEDs   none
Input Connector   Omnetics 10 socket
Output Connector   MDR50
Tether   3m Cooner wire

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts.

Catalog Number



Provides microwire connections to an 8 channel headstage with Omnetics 10 pin connectors.

EIB-8 Page
MDR50 Breakout Board

Used to make custom (non-standard) signal connections between a headstage tether and the input channel of a Digital Lynx SX.

MDR50 Breakout Board Page

Connects two 8/16/18 channel headstages with MDR50 connectors to one Digital Lynx Combo Board, Digital Reference Selector (DRS) board or ERP-27 panel.


Connects up to four 8 channel headstages with MDR50 output connectors to a single Digital Lynx SX input, allowing a 32 channel DLSX to record from 4 subjects simultaneously.

ADPT-HS-Hub Page
Universal Signal Mouse

For use with HS-8/16/18/27/36 headstages.

Universal Signal Mouse Page
Digital Lynx SX

High Performance, Expandable Recording System with Closed Loop Processing

Digital Lynx SX Page