Provides microwire connections to a 36 channel headstage with QuickClip®.

Mounts directly on Halo-10 Microdrive and Harlan 8 Drive.
Patented QuickClip® connection method. Compatible with EIB-36 Plating Adapter, but requires ADPT-EIB-36-QC-HS-36.

  • Magnetically self-aligning
  • Less stress on animal and researcher
  • High cycle count connector
  • Near zero insertion force and no exposed pins to bend or break
  • Low profile reducing head torque
Sold Separately:
  • QC-36-Cover
    Cover for QuickClip® EIBs and adapters to protect connectors from damage or debris.
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Channels   32
References   4
Differential Stim Lines   2
Grounds   1
Mass   0.9 grams
Length   21.3 mm
Width   11.4 mm
EIB Pins   Small
Connection   QuickClip 36
Microdrives   Halo-10, Harlan 8

Buffered 36 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors.

HS-36-QC Page

Buffered 36 channel headstage with QuickClip® connectors and attached video tracking LEDs.

HS-36-QC-LED Page
Halo-10 Microdrive

Provides up to 10 independently drivable shuttles to position up to 8 tetrodes with 11mm shuttle travel. Two additional shuttles available for fiber optics or reference electrodes.

Halo-10 Microdrive Page
Harlan 8 Drive

Reusable 8 tetrode drive with solid tip that allows researchers to drill custom exit pattern. For use with standard EIB-36.

Harlan 8 Drive Page

Allows use of a 36 channel headstage with QuickClip® 36 EIBs.

ADPT-EIB-36-QC-HS-36 Page
EIB-36 Plating Adapter

A simple interface for allowing impedance measurements during electrode plating of 36 channel electrode interface boards (EIBs), with direct access to each channel.

EIB-36 Plating Adapter Page
Small EIB Pins

Gold pins used for making the connection between the electrode wire and Electrode Interface Board (EIB).

Small EIB Pins Page

Cover for QuickClip® EIBs and adapters to protect connectors from damage or debris.

QC-36-Cover Page