Buffered 16 channel headstage with Cooner wire tether and MDR50 connectors.

Includes video tracking LED sockets. For use with NeuroNexus 16 channel probes (CM/OCM/H/HC/P series).

  • 2 mounting sockets for 10V video tracking LEDs
  • Note: Blue, Red, Green or Infrared 10V Video Tracking LEDs sold separately.


Product Options:
  • Item Code: Custom tether lengths
  • Length: 0.5 – 7 meters


Channels   16
References   1
Differential Stim Lines   0
Grounds   1
Mass   0.6 grams
Length   29.5 mm
Width   11.6 mm
Height   3.1 mm
Video Tracking LEDs   2 sockets
Input Connector   Omnetics 18 socket
Output Connector   MDR50
Tether   3m Cooner wire

*Neuralynx is not a distributor of Omnetics parts or NeuroNexus probes.

10V Video Tracking LEDs

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